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Sky Zuberman Men's Mesh Sneaker

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Sky Zuberman Men's Mesh Sneaker

Sky Zuberman Men's Mesh Sneaker

Go from street to street-style with Kenderry Zuberman Men's Mesh Sneakers! These ultra-trendy kicks feature a wild mix of floral, neo-expressionist, primitivism and contemporary art with bright, vibrant colors and graffiti-inspired street art designs. Be bold and fearless and march into the future with style! These mesh sneakers deliver style and comfort on a whole new level. They're made from 100% mesh-knit polyester on top for breathability and flexibility. Instead of rubber, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and an EVA shock-absorbing layer guarantee a comfortable and supported walk. They feature a modern take on the lace-up closure. Choose between black or white detailing and sole color. #UrbanChic #MensSneakers #ArtisticApparel #AbstractAve

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